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New tool – or Scrabble anyone?

Last week… Fat Quarter Shop offered a weekly Facebook sale that I COULD NOT RESIST.  I have been doing really well in my new fabric purchases … but last week they offered all of their Fig Tree fabric at 50% off!!  I usually buy 1/2 or 1 yard of each fabric in Fig Tree collections, but I had not done Honeysweet yet.  That was all I needed!  While I was in my shopping ‘high’, and in my burst of BOM activity, I decided to throw into my shopping cart the Alphabitties notion from FQS.

I’m also preparing Block 7 of FQS 2013 Designer Mystery BOM.  It is a cute house block, but it has a lot of pieces to it.  However, they mostly seem to be straight cut piecing.  And Block 8 is due in my mailbox any day now. so I better get started… 🙂

FQS BOM Block 7

The Alphabitties notion seems self explanatory – but just in case, Kimberly Jolly of FQS has a tutorial on YouTube that I’ll watch tonight to see if there are some secrets (I hope that copied link works, if not click here to go to the FQS website for this notion and follow their link).  Or I could start a Scrabble game with my kids…


These are brightly colored, hard plastic squares (but not completely inflexible) that help you label your little piles of pieces.  Specifically when you are working on patterns that are drawn up by “It’s Sew Emma”.  The FQS DM BOM also seem to be a good fit because they also put the fabric cuts into letter order… see below (blurry I know).  Each cut of fabric will be assigned a unique letter, which you can then place your Alphabittie tile on to keep you from remeasuring the pieces when you go to put it all together.  If you have done any of their patterns or these BOM projects, you know what I mean:

FQS BOM Instructions

so – that’s my plan for today/tomorrow/Friday.  I’ll let you know if I enjoyed using these new tiles.

Hope you are having a great hump day!


Loving my BOM rehab work!

In the spirit of BOM Rehab (inspired by Sinta’s blog Pink Pincushion), I am really getting into my BOM projects again and LOVING IT!

I got Block 5 done for the FQS Designer Mystery BOM (Nov 2013 block).  I’m just one block down now.

This may look like a standard pinwheel/star block – but there were a lot of pieces to put together for it.  It took awhile!

FQS BOM Block 5

Bright and colorful!

Here’s a picture of the pattern cover and a bonus block I made from the half square triangle leftovers:

FQS BOM Block 5 Pattern

I’m not sure what that block is called, but I just picked a layout that I liked.  Probably some kind of bird block.

I had no problem getting my two blocks again and the bonus from one pack (if you don’t count getting a little bit of the background selvage in the quarter inch seam allowance):

FQS BOM Block 5 & Bonus


I had time this weekend to revisit another BOM that I started back in 2011!  2011!!!  It is called The Generals’ Wives.  I thought I had gotten farther, but I had only done 1 block so far.  I’m not sure why – probably because it started right at the  holidays and I got distracted.  I fell in love with reproduction fabrics for a long time and acquired quite a stash.  This BOM was from Quilter’s Quarters, but it was offered from Fat Quarter Shop, which is where I purchased my subscription.

General Wives Quilt

Here’s the first block I did back in October 2011:

GW Block 1

And here is block 2 from this weekend (I didn’t quite get the directional fabric worked out on the corner squares):

GW Block 2

A picture of the pattern cover for Block 2:

GW Block 2 Pattern

Both blocks together:

GW Block 1 & 2

I’m finding it hard not to ignore all the housework and parenting needs to work more on my BOM blocks!  How about you – getting into your UFO/BOM projects yet this year?




It’s 2014 – Happy New Year!

My family tried to stay up to watch the ball drop in our Central time zone, but one by one, we failed.  My husband went first (I don’t think he really tried, it was only 9:30), then my daughter at 11:00, then my son at 11:45, and myself finally succumbed at 11:55 I think.  Oh well, we all made it to today!

I am hoping to do something quilty every day this year.  Blogging doesn’t count, so this will be a fast post.  And these pictures below don’t count, because I did the work last night.

Here is Block 4 of the FQS Designer Mystery BOM for 2013.  I love that dimensional look of the yellow print ‘frame’ behind the star:

FQS BOM Block 4 Closeup


It feels a bit odd to switch into this color scheme after working so long in the antique red, creams and tans of Midwinter Red.  But it is so uplifting too to change gears!  I continue to love AVALON by Fig Tree Quilts.

I got both blocks done and made some extra bonus blocks with the half square triangle leftovers:

FQS BOM Block 4 Done

I had a total of 16 remnants when I made the block of half square triangles.  I used 8 to make the two pinwheels and the other 8 in a pattern to form a flower around a polka dot center.  Not sure if or when I will use them, but I think they will come in handy when I am faced with two sets of blocks to make two quilts and I have one finishing kit.

FQS BOM Block 4 Pinwheels FQS BOM Block 4 Flower

I hope you had a great start to the year and have lots of quilty plans as well.  Must go now, I have some quilting ‘me time’ to get to before we get to bed!


2013 Wrap Up!

Last day of 2013!  It was a big year for my family, on different levels.  My children started 1st grade and Kindergarten, which are two big milestones.  We bought our house, which we had been living as renters for over 3 years (thank goodness we don’t have to move!).  My grandmother moved from my hometown to live with my aunt in Dallas, but she is doing well.  We became pet owners again (from zero to 5 cats is extreme – anyone need to adopt a cat??).  We all got another year older, but no health concerns.

Our Christmas rotation is now complete, with a visit this past weekend to Dallas to continue our family tradition with my grandmother and extended family.  Every first cousin, Aunt and Uncle were present.  We were only missing two second cousins, and the step cousins.  Actually, it was a pretty successful turnout for shifting the location after 42 years from four hours away.

I asked for quilty things from my family and they took my wish list to the store for me.  Couple of great books, a magnetic pin cushion, 3 yards of Kona White solid fabric (plan to work on the Lori Holt quilt along) and a FQS gift certificate!:

Quilty  Christmas

I also tried to put together a last minute gift, but didn’t make it.  I did finish the table topper and pieced backing, but I ran out of time for the quilting part.  This is a pattern called “Winter Seeds” and it was on my bucket list all year.

Winter Seeds Top

I used the fabric collection “Winter’s Lane” by Kate & Birdie Co for Moda.  Beautiful ice blues, grays and saturated reds.  The pattern was from The Crafty Quilter and her blog … click here to go to her post.

Here are some more pictures.  I machine appliqued the ‘orange peel’ shapes with a tight top stitching and matching thread.

Winter Seeds Center

I pieced the back, but had to ‘make do’ with one small rectangle due to my shortage of that fabric.  I should have used a primarily white alternate piece.  I may replace it before I quilt it:

Winter Seeds Backing

And here’s the top and bottom in one picture:

Winter Seeds Table Topper

There will be some waste of the backing, but if you look at the Crafty Quilter’s blog pictures, you will see how it all comes out.  It’s perfect!

Now that Nantucket was completed, I am moving on to my other BOM projects.  I am three months behind on the FQS DM BOM 2013 quilt.  I started on Block 4 yesterday and have gotten the pieces cut out.  Like the other months, I am cutting out two blocks from the one set of fabric.  I was able to get everything I needed, but I had to add the smallest amount of background fabric, which I had from an earlier month.

FQS BOM Block 4 pieces

This morning I finished the center star portions with the surrounding strips.  Next is the red/striped flying geese units.  I want to get this block done tonight!

I’m so thankful for my family and friends and I look forward to all our new adventures in 2014.  I hope you have a great evening tonight and I look forward to visiting with you again next year!

All the best,


Finally Friday!

Another week bites the dust and we get hyped up about all the great activites we can look forward to this weekend.  A birthday party for a Kindergarten friend and an adoption event for our two little tuxedo kittens.  I’ll have to take a good picture of them soon and share it.  They have grown at wildly different rates.  The one we thought would be the biggest and most outgoing is far outweighed and out-energized by her sister.  Her sister, started off slow and seemed to sleep a lot – but I think she nursed the longest.  And she’s such a spark now!  They are both getting spayed today, so a little extra TLC will be handed down tonight.

Here’s a picture of Jewelry getting ready for her Halloween act I guess.  Freaky!


Jewelry Glowing Eyes

My husband still thinks she is part raccoon and calls her a Hound Dog, which my 5 year old daughter loves to mimic.

On to the fabric though!

I did finish the piecing of Block 4 for the 2013 DM BOM.  Just  a breeze.  I was more careful as I sewed this time, and my block barely had to be trimmed at all at the end.

Here’s Block 4:

2013 DMBOM Block 4 Done

And a closeup of the points that are an exact 1/4″ from the edges all the way around on both blocks!

2013 DMBOM Block 4 Closeup

And the two blocks that I made together:

2013 DMBOM Block 4 Both

I brought them to work this morning so I could photograph them on our conference table, hoping to get better light.  My camera lens is kind of messed up – so still not perfectly clear photos.


So then, I thought, what do I do next?  I have lots of WIP… but I am really getting into this euphoria when I actually complete the project.  Therefore, I decided to knock out my Birdie Stitches embroidery quilt next!!  I’m getting all excited about it again!!  I have only two blocks left, so last night I prepped the December block and got it ready for the stitching.  I brought it to work, in case I decided to do it during lunch.  That little cupcake is actually a needle jacket that I got from MODA at the annual International Quilt Festival in Houston a few years ago.

Birdie Stitching Ready


Here’s a closeup of the marked design, if you can see it.  I’m doing it in all redwork.  You can see more about this project by clicking on my Birdie Stitches tag on the right of the blog.  It was started by Little Miss Shabby a couple of years or more ago and it was the first project I started blogging about.

Birdie Stitch Dec Block


Saturday – here I come!!

All the best and thanks for visiting today!


Progress on 2013 FQS DM BOM – Blocks 3 & 4

I’m doing my best to stay caught up on the new FQS Designer Mystery BOM.

I could have sworn I took pictures of my cuttings for  Block 3 before assembly – but I can’t find them anywhere.  I believe I mentioned in an earlier post however, that I had no problem getting my two blocks cut out from the one package.  I was excited about the block pattern too – it was another basket block.

Here is my complete block (took it before daylight this morning, so lighting isn’t good):

2013 DMBOM Block 3 Complete


I think this may be my favorite basket block so far that I have made.  Although I have the Sweet Caroline pattern from Fig Tree that I am anxious to start.

My impatience showed itself though with this block.  I was careful in getting everything squared and sized as I went along – until I did the ‘flower’ pieces of the block.  I just got cocky that my 1/4″ was doing fine and went to town.  Here’s a closeup after I trimmed the final block to 12 1/2″ square:

2013 DMBOM Block 3 Closeup

Those points will be cut off when I join this block to others in the quilt.  Not just the points in the picture above, but ALL the flower points will be cut off somewhat.  I’m not happy about it.  And I was really impatient and stupid to trim the blocks down .. KNOWING that it was going to do this.  I just thought I could live with it.  I probably won’t.  I will probably pick these two blocks apart back down to the base basket and repiece the outer patchwork that I prematurely trimmed from scrap and do it again.  Next month maybe.

Block 4 of this series arrived around the 10th of the month and I have it cut out and ready to piece tonight.

No problem with the fabric allowance.  However, the cutting calls for 5 1/4″ squares in many of the fabrics and then they are all cut twice on the diagonal.  Well, … I couldn’t quite get the full 5 1/4″ square on the second set – it would have been off about 1/8″ one one side … so I just adjusted it to cutting out two 3 3/4″ squares and slicing them only once diagonally and I got the same result!

2013 DMBOM Block 4 parts


This block has a lot fewer pieces and a lot fewer steps to put it together than last month.  Does that bother me?  Heck no!!  Nothing wrong with an easy month!

Here are my leftovers after getting two sets of pieces cut out:

2013 DMBOM Block 4 Leftovers


Still lots to put in my scrap basket!  Thanks FQS!

Finally – here are my first three block sets together on my design wall.  Block 4 will be up there soon enough!

2013 DMBOM Blocks 1-3 Group


Thanks for visiting today – see you again soon with Block 4 and then I hope to move on to a little work on my  Robin’s Nest quilt next.  I have a slew of BOMs starting in a month or two from FQS and I need to be ready!!

Take care,


Quick Monday post

Just a short post to show the finished blocks from Month 2 of the Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Block of the Month program for 2013.  Hahahaha… let’s just called it 2013 DM BOM from now on… done in the Avalon fabric collection from Fig Tree Quilts for Moda.

My two blocks laid out in the afternoon grass:

2013 DMBOM B2 Done


These colors are so cheerful!  Here’s a closeup of the bow area, which turned out so great, although I’m not sure why they didn’t write the pattern to eliminate those four extra small pieces at the top and bottom of the bow:

2013 DMBOM B2 Bow

Worked some more on my Rally quilt.  I need to just bite the bullet and finish chain piecing all the parts and then construct the blocks.  Otherwise, it feels as though it just drags on a bit with all those solid colors.  I’ve decided that I’m not a fan of solids-only quilt construction.  Not enough visual interest for me.  But I will fight through to get this one done!

Finally – a good sunshine picture of the two twins, Rosy (on the right) and Posy.  They love to find the sunny spots in the house during the day.  You can sort of see Jewelry laying behind them:

Kitten Twins

Hope you are having a great start to your week!  Thanks for stopping by today!