Cleaned Up and Ready

Oh, it was hard to pack away this project.  All my little piles neatly organized with their number count tag on top.


I did make one, single mini block to get it started.  Love the orange prints in this collection!


Here are some of my favorite Farmhouse prints:


But like I mentioned yesterday, I’m going to try and get a baby quilt done in 14 days.  So I had to clean up!

IMG_0744Ready to get sewing again… after doing all the math necessary to calculate the quilt top.  Using a lot of bright colors and Mini Urban Zoology prints, along with others.


I’ve chosen the Tumbleweed block from Lori Holts newest book, Farm Girl Vintage.  I love the dark background in her picture below.  I’m trying the same idea with this grey solid against all of these bright prints.

IMG_0746 (2)

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Cleaned Up and Ready

  1. Oh how hard to put a project aside for an emergency baby quilt. The Farmhouse fabrics are so homey, so warm. Excited to see this fabric! I enjoyed you sharing the process of how you lay out your prepped fabrics!

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