Work or Play?

Ok, so I haven’t done any work yet like I should have today.

I started putting together my RFTS center and based on the layout, I wanted to put the opposite corners together first.  Then I was going to stop there, get some work done and – you know – if there was time, put some more together.

End pieces

I even folded these sections up and set them to the side for tomorrow or later this week.  Then, maybe 10 minutes later, I thought … well – I’ll just do a couple more blocks together to have a head start.

Of course, I finished the piecing for the center, with the exception of the outer corners.  Here it is layed out on my queen size design (guest) bed:

Center Pieced

I really can’t believe how easy it came together and how much it looks like the cover photo from a distance like this.  I really, really love it and I can’t wait to get it finished.

I was stitching while watching the GB/Seahawks game.  That was a crazy game, right?  And I don’t normally watch football, but that was a good game to watch.  The other game, not so interesting.

Did you have a great weekend?  I hope you got to do some stitching as well!

Now it’s time for me to work…

All my best,





10 thoughts on “Work or Play?

  1. Looks great but are you going to do the pieced boarder. I did. Having a hard time getting them to fit. Very confused about the corners. There is a piece (cc) that I am guessing at the size since my copy is digital and I’m not sure it’s accurate.
    I wish they would have given a measurement.

    • Hi Carol – I have not started the pieced border yet unfortunately. No measurement? I guess I haven’t studied it closely enough yet. I will look at my hard copy of the magazine tonight and see if I can find one for you!

      • I finally got the pieced boarder on. I will send a picture when I get the last outer boarder on. Mine doesn’t look like hers in that all my corners are the same. The picture in the magazine has two opposite corner with dark patches together. Like mine better
        Still don’t like their directions

  2. This is absolutely stunning! What a wonderful job you have done on this quilt. Came across your blog via google images. 🙂

  3. Did you ever completely finish this quilt? I am ready to sash my blocks, having a difficult time deciding.

    • I wish I could say I have finished, but I’m still left with the outside pieced border, made up of those 9 patch units.
      When I went to build the body of the quilt though, I didn’t have much problem with the sashing and matching up seams. I pretty much followed the color scheme offered in the original publication. I would love to see your blocks though!

      • I have gone with a green and a beige for the sashing. School started back and sewing time is minimal until I get into a routine that doesn’t include rushing, rushing, rushing. How do I figure out the size of the setting triangles with that four patch and two other fabrics? You can email me at and I’ll share images of my quilt so far.

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