Sewing Sunday

I have kept one resolution and have broken another.  I have so far done some sewing every day this year, but yesterday – I had to break my resolution to not buy any fabric.  I made it 3 days.  Not even.  But there has to be some concessions for emergency fabric – right?

I got out my Quilters Newsletter magazines to find where I had left off on Reach for the Stars.  I needed to make Blocks 13 and 14, the last two blocks before getting into the setting triangles and borders.

As I was sifting through my stash, I pulled out the fabric I had for the sashing strips – so I could go ahead and cut them for these last two blocks.  And wouldn’t you know it …. I am short one strip.  I don’t know if I thought what I had would be enough, or if I’m not finding another piece that I have or what.  I need two little sashing strips that are 1 1/2″ wide and 14 1/2″ long.  Of course, the American Gothic collection by Pam Buda has long since sold out on Fat Quarter shop and I didn’t find what I needed on Etsy or eBay … so I did my Google search and found some from Old Country Store Fabrics online.  I guess I’ll have it by next weekend.

You can see the two blocks below that I have left to complete.  And my remaining two sashing strips for the last block, waiting for their partners.

RFTS Mag Sashing

To get back into this groove, I decided to piece Block 14 first – the simpler of the two.

RFTS Block 14

So, that leaves Block 13 – right?  Well, actually, I’m going to pick apart Block 12 first (see below) and select a different set of fussy cut pieces from my focus fabric to lighten it up a bit.  I never quite liked it.  The florals are too big for the block.

RFTS Block 12

Ready, set – go back to school time!!


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