Works in Progress

Oh my… it is Friday again.  It has been one tough week at work.  I’m not sure I have mentioned it, but I had joined a gym a couple of months ago and was going at lunch three times a week.  This week, I cancelled all my training sessions and I can really tell.  No excuses next week.  Back at it again and forget how busy work is – that one hour makes a bigger difference.

This month, the AYOS (and a little bit more) monthly selection is “HARVEY”.  It is a bed size quilt pattern using charm squares and a background of your choosing.

Harvey Pattern Cover

I wouldn’t have jumped into it this month because of all the other crazy stuff going on – but I had the perfect leftovers from my MODA LOVE quilt top.

Moda Love Round 3

All of those leftover HST squares made from the larger 9″ square sizes are just right for trimming down into smaller HST blocks for HARVEY.  Plus I have a ton of charm squares left in the variety of American Jane collections that need a good home.

SO… I went ahead and started down the path…

Harvey WIP

It’s just a start and we’ll see how far I can get by Halloween.  Each of my leftover HSTs gave me two smaller HSTs for Harvey and one even smaller HST for another future project (or embellishment ideas on these two quilts).

Another project that is pending is my Reach for the Stars quilt.  I have the last two regular blocks left to make and then all the setting pieces and border.  My problem is that I keep finding fabric that I really want to have in the quilt, so I keep collecting it – but I now have enough black/white/neutral fabric to make at least two more!

RFTS Project

I LOVE this small black button on cream print that I just got from Rossville Quilts this week (Aster by Williamsburg for Windham Fabrics).  I got a few other fat quarters in the same collection.  I also ordered another Palm Court panel which is my focus fabric for the quilt.  I wanted to have total choice when I got down to those last few blocks.

I MAY have also ordered a few half yard cuts of Smokey Quartz Gentle Flowers by Quilt Gate Fabrics when it was on the FLASH SALE by Fat Quarter Shop (55% off!!).  I don’t have it in yet, so I’m not sure how well it will match up.  I think it will be great though.  Like I said – I am loving collecting the fabrics for this quilt that I’m almost done with!  LOL!!

Finally, for today at least, I’ll share my other project underway.  It is doing SOMETHING with my stash boxes.  We recently disposed of my sons mattress set and gave him our guest bed mattress set.  That was also my design bed in my sewing room.

I had been slowly filling up every nook and cranny in the guest room with my boxes from fabric purchases.  They went under the bed, in the closet, around the walls, under the ironing board, under the cutting table, etc…  Here are some pics this morning of them in their full glory:

Stash Room 4


The door chest/armoire above is filled on top with precuts and the drawers have extra yardage I bought in a store closing clearance sale.


Stash Room 3

Oooo … I forgot I had that Vintage Modern quilt kit (see below pic) …  And I love those kits that come in the collectors tin lunch boxes.  I have at least four of those.  No wait ..six at least.  I had bought two others that are in the other closet.

Stash Room 2 Stash Room 1

My husband thinks I need an intervention.  I just need some good organization.

And this is just the stuff I’ve collected since I moved here.  I have another closet upstairs (and maybe a few drawers) filled with my initial stash collection that I don’t even look at.  I’m not sure what to do with this, but I wanted to grab a few pictures today because I will be doing something before the new bed arrives later this month.

I feel that I have purged and gone to confessional now.  Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend with family, friends or just some good alone time.  Whatever makes you happy!



10 thoughts on “Works in Progress

  1. I have the majority of my stash in bins on shelving out in my garage. I just keep the new stuff in the closet in my sewing room. You can’t tell at a glance how bad my habit is!

  2. My stash is in the living room in my sewing corner so I have those plastic bins with drawers and I sort by color. I have started some Art Bin boxes that I have pre-cut the tiny stuff into 2, 2 !/2, and 3 inch strips, I also did 1″ strips and they are very handy. I also have another box with 5″ squares. It keeps things hidden at least and semi sorted. You are brave to show your boxes and I think I would have that many if I had kept them. I think that you have earned your stash and sewing helps to relax you after a hectic day at work AND you are very good at it!

  3. When I saw your first picture I thought, “oh, I have her beat by a long shot”. Then the second picture came up and I was oh ok. My stash sits in boxes like yours too. I share my sewing room with the guest room and everything is stored in my awesome fat quarter shop boxes. I love the Moda Love quilt!

    • Those FQS boxes are just so great. Very thick and roomy. I have made quite a few eBay purchases though too, and they usually come in the USPS white Priority Mail boxes. Not as nice at all. Would LOVE a wall of shelves and built in cabinets to store and display everything… sigh

  4. Oh my — what a lot of boxes, Jennifer! You need to get that fabric out of the boxes so you can see what you have and pet it! I will be following your organization with interest.

    • Don’t hold your breath too long Dawn. I move really, really slowly when it comes to taking things upstairs. Until I can get some shelves or renovated closet space, they are likely to stay in boxes, but maybe just more neatly stacked… 🙂

  5. That is a very impressive stash! Get it out of those boxes, I want to see it! 🙂 Your room seems to have lots of light which is very nice. My room is so dark, I have a hard time seeing the real colors of my fabrics. My son is back at college which frees up a room, and I recently moved my sewing space out of the living room where I worked all summer.
    The MODA Love quilt is colorful and pretty.

    • I certainly can’t complain about the natural sunlight I get. Unfortunately, I do most of my sewing late at night. I do want to unload all of the boxes. I went through a reproduction era phase and I have tons of Judie Rothermel yardage. Which isn’t a bad thing at all! Wonder how your son likes the idea of his room converting to your sewing space? Thanks for the comment and for visiting my blog today!

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