MODA Love – Round 2

When I say this quilt pattern can go together fast, I meant it.  The only reason I don’t have this square actually pieced together is because I obsessed over the placement of the fabrics.  This ‘second round’ will finish at 32″ square.  It will nest inside the final round, which will take it to 72″ square, but then I will be floating it again inside more black fabric, then add a pieced border.

I auditioned my two options for the inner block.

First – leave the red pinstripe on it and nest it inside the next round:

Moda Love Round 2 Red

Second, try my best to lay  out the remaining scraps i had of the black print to imagine how it would look just ‘floating’ inside the next round:

Moda Love Round 2 Black

I made a definite decision to get more of that black print and ‘float’ the block.  Luckily, there is a LQS within driving distance open on Sunday and they stock tons of MODA fabric and older lines as well.  I had no problem getting a couple of yards of this print.  The outer black fabric is not the print, but a fabric from the MODA Weave collection in black.  Great match with the fabric and it isn’t a solid, overwhelming black when you see it in person.

I also picked up a charm pack of American Janes A La Carte (just released) and Fairy Tale Friends.  These will come in very handy when I make the pieced borders.

The first round was made with a “Wee Play” charm pack. The second round is more “School Days” charm pack with some of the “Wee Play” mixed in.  The third round will be mostly from a layer cake of “Potluck” and perhaps a few from “Ducks in a Row”.

We all survived the birthday party and I think everyone had a good time.  I know Nora sure did and really loved having a huge play date for her birthday.  We finished off the day by going to the college football game – just me and her.

Nora and Mommy 09-06

To top it off – she has a VERY wiggly bottom tooth, likely to be gone by the end of today.  First tooth for her.  Growing up fast…


Have a great week!


11 thoughts on “MODA Love – Round 2

  1. This quilt is going to be so cute!! I am really glad you posted a pic of yourself with Nora. Now I know what my RFTS quilting friend looks like!

  2. HELP! I hope you see this current post regarding your MODA Love quilt. I wish I could find round 1, 2 and 3. It appears that you made the same “block” 3 times; each time using larger squares. Am I right? Maybe block 1 is 2 1/2″ squares, round 2 is 5″ squares and round 3 is 10″ squares. Can you clarify for me or point me in the direction of the original posts/instructions???????

    • Hi Carol! If you click on my hot links in the sidebar of my blog, there is one for MODA Love. The first post in the series talks about the blog tour and although I didn’t have a link to the specific pattern from my site, it is free from United Notions (MODA) and I will email the pdf to you. You are correct that I made my nested MODA Love quilt by starting with the mini charms (2 1/2″ squares), charms (5″ squares) and layer cake squares (10″). I did my own match to determine the sashing size between the rounds to make it work out correctly.

  3. Do you mind sharing the sashing sizes between the rounds? Thank you for sharing, and it’s absolutely beautiful!

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