End of an Era

Every other month, there is a “large trash” pickup day in our neighborhood.  We try to purge what we can.  This month, we decided it was time to get rid of the car seats.


***sniff  sniff***

The kids are now too tall to really be comfortable in these seats anymore, and although from a distance, they look pretty good … you don’t see the food stains, crumbs, dirt and dried icecream in the buckles.  Car seats are also one of those items that they say you shouldn’t get used, or donate.  Hence, they are ready for the trash pickup.

Car Seats

I am so sentimental about these kind of things.  I would keep them in the garage forever if my husband would let me.


When I was driving the kids across the street this morning, with just the regular seat belts on, my daughter exclaimed “I feel like a Queen!” and my son said “I feel like the President!”.  They are enjoying the increased leg room I think.


Bring on the booster seats!


Happy Thursday,


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