Garden Diversion

Well, as I type this, my office is gathering in the main area to watch the opening of the World Cup games.  Pizza for everyone!  We have a diverse group of employees from all over the world.  My staff in particular include three ladies from Colombia, one from Mexico and one from Poland.  We have offices in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Barcelona, Antwerp and  Shanghai.  Therefore, this World Cup thing is big (to some).  Me… I’m just glad I get to wear jeans today!


I wanted to share a bit of our garden with you.  My husband and I love to garden, but my quilt obsession took over and now I’m more inclined to piece a quilt top than sweat it out – but this may turn me back a bit.  My husband has been working on the beds and buying some nice accent flowers.  I thought I would share some with you…


We love Coleus of all sorts…



I have a desire to build back my Daylily collection.  This is just a start.  Three varieties below with a peachy color, a bright yellow and this top picture of a variety with a purple/white bloom:

Daylily Purple

Daylily Collection

Potted plants are scattered about, this one with some blooming geraniums.  Suppose to be good for mosquito control, which is absolutely necessary in Houston, TX:

Potted Plants


And newly bloomed star lillies:



To top it all off, he ordered 10 yards of combination mulch/mushroom compost and we have 4 inch layers going over all the beds now.  It looks great and really makes you want to be out in the yard (best to be dipped in bug spray first).



Hope you are getting some sunshine and fresh air this week.  I’ll be back soon to show my backing for the GGS quilt.  It will be like a quilt in itself!

All my best,


2 thoughts on “Garden Diversion

    • I had not thought about them as houseplants. I’ll have to try that, perhaps at my office. With our 9 cats, me thinks house plants wouldn’t last long…

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