Aaaahhhh, That Feels Better!

Wow, I needed that.  A few hours spent on quilting and piecing is the best therapy.  It isn’t free – but a lot more fun than an alternative!

I splurged a few weeks ago and ordered a 14 1/2″ square Creative Grids ruler from FQS.  It is the same size as the unfinished RFTS (Reach for the Stars) blocks with their sashing added:

14 5 CG Ruler

The hardest thing about the ruler was getting the plastic wrap off!

I was able to put the ruler to use twice already this weekend!  I finished Blocks 7 and 8 for RFTS:

RFTS Block 7

Reach for the Stars – Block 7

I was initially freaked out a little by the block, due to the light pattern instructions … but I broke it down into the components and it went together really well.  The longest part was selecting the fussy cut areas for my applique circles.

RFTS Block 7 Center

Block 7 – Center

Then I moved into Block 8.  At first glance, I thought … easy peasy!

RFTS Block 8

Reach for the Stars – Block 8

Well, poop.  Actually I said !@#$!@#$ a few times last night.  With no finished sizes given for the sub units, I tried to oversize my cuttings so I would be able to trim down, but then I didn’t know what size to trim down into!  Here’s a hint for you though … the center fussy cut square-in-a-square ended up being 4 3/4″ unfinished when I was done.  Perhaps it is suppose to be 4 7/8″, but it worked out well for me at the other size.

Hint #2 – I did try to follow the pattern – but when they show you piecing the two sides with the corner squares and flying geese unit – piece the flying geese unit first, then add the squares.   That is different than the instructions.  My Open Gate Quilts Flying Geese Ruler worked great for this step too.  Line up the side triangles to the pieced center triangle at the bottom first, and let the overhang fall off at the top points.  The side units will be 3 1/2″ by 12 1/2″ when you are done.

RFTS Block 8 center

RFTS Block 8 Center

You could certainly change this up and make 4 complete flying geese units with 4 corner squares and a center ‘square-in-a-square-in-a-square’ unit.  You will have a few more seam lines in that black star – but it might work better for you if you are doing this block.

RFTS Block 7 - 8

RFTS Blocks 7 and 8

I wanted to give up after I realized I would have to unpick the whole thing (except the center flying geese units).  But I persisted and was done at around 2:15 am.  So glad I made it though!  They look great.  Added the sashing strips this morning and got a group shot on my design wall:

RFTS Blocks 1-8

RFTS Blocks 1 – 8

What’s next you ask?  Well – there is still Block 9 instructions for RFTS in the latest issue of Quilters Newsletter, and I also got Block 10 this week from FQS on their 2013 Designer Mystery BOM.  It will be a row of flower blocks!  Cute I tell you!!\

DMBOM Block 10

I love that I am going between bright, happy colors and the soothing, calming colors in Reach for the Stars.  Variety is a spice of life!

Tomorrow I will share pictures from Sherri Crisp in Knoxville.  She has more blocks done for RFTS too!  I just didn’t want to picture overload you.  You can jump over to Dawn’s blog post (here) and see the pictures though, if you are in a hurry!  She has posted since then also, with more participation pictures – go check it out!!

Have a great, wonderful, quilty, relaxing, fun weekend!  (See how a little quilt therapy cheers me up??)

Thanks for stopping by – I love your comments too!



2 thoughts on “Aaaahhhh, That Feels Better!

  1. Jennifer I really like your block! I’m so glad I waited to see yours. You are right, it’s a part of a whole, not the block by itself. The others are wonderful too of course. I’m so glad I’ve got you guys to bounce ideas off of😊.

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  2. Your blocks look terrific, Jennifer!! I especially love the fussy-cut center of your Block 7. Seeing your eight blocks with the sashing on makes me want to get the sashing on mine, too! Thanks for the construction tips on Block 8. Haven’t decided how to approach it yet but I will definitely come back and read your comments again.

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