Making it my own Nantucket

I’m slow going for sure, and the holiday week won’t provide any additional progress on Nantucket.

I did, however, get my additional blocks pieced into one side of the quilt.

Nantucket 11-23 3


I wanted to try a completely neutral 9 patch unit and audition a row of them between the stars and the checkerboard border.

Nantucket 11-23 2

Something to set them apart and give my eye a place to rest, and honestly, to also expand the size of the finished quilt just a bit too.

Nantucket 11-23 1

Here’s a look at the left side, where I still have the first border attached:

Nantucket 11-23 5

And the same layout, but the other side where I have the additional row in place:

Nantucket 11-23 4

I like both, but I am going to proceed with the extra neutral blocks.  I like that it makes it my own unique result and I think it will be great when I finally have the rest of it put together.  Looking at it now, I wished I had previewed a block with a red center square in those neutral 9 patch units.  Too busy, or just enough to pull the borders together as a group.  May have to look into that thought some more.

Which one do you prefer??

I thought I would share my daughter’s Santa list for this year.  This is the year for the Easy Bake Oven.  I’ve sacrificed this great gift idea to my mother, so she can give it to her.  I’ll have to come up with something special now from her mommy and daddy.  Probably something princess or ballet related.  And I plan to make each of them their own special pillow case.  I think I’ll keep that up as a tradition.

Nora Santa List 2013

Can’t quite jump into Christmas spirit just yet though … one more week of Thanksgiving and my son’s birthday next week, then we pull out the boxes and tree!

Have a wonderful weekend!


6 thoughts on “Making it my own Nantucket

  1. I really like the neutral border addition. It highlights the star blocks and acts as a lovely framing border and makes it your own. It is gorgeous! I love changing up patterns. I look at them the same way I do recipes…I treat them as a starting place, then add this and that until it suits my taste. I must admit that when I first started quilting, I added a little too much of this and that and after it was quilted, I was left wondering what in the world I was thinking. Then my sis in law, a custom long arm quilter in Oregon, told me to always lay my quilt out and take a photo of it before I assemble it. Then load the photo on the computer and study it there. It amazed me how much the eye sees in the photo, but misses when you have been studying it where ever you lay it out. I’ve change a lot of quilts around since then after thinking I was ready to assemble them but after checking the photo, realizing that something just wasn’t quite right. Or, one of the things we dread, not seeing that one block in the middle that has a piece turned the wrong way until after we have it assembled, LOL. Okay, I’ve ramble on quite long enough. Hugs….
    **Can’t wait to see “your” finished Nantucket.

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