Dad’s Turn??

I got a bit further this weekend on Nantucket.  I forced myself to complete the sewing of all the strip sets for the 9 patch units and to cut them all up before I began joining the border together.  I wanted to make sure I was going to have the right randomness and didn’t end up with a concentration of a particular group of fabrics in one side of the border, for example.

So, here’s all the strips sewn together, and then sliced and diced:

Nantucket strip stacks

And not even half of those stacks turned into this small pile of 9 patch units:

Nantucket 9 patch stack

Nantucket patch sets


I forged ahead with building the left border section and I’m thrilled with how it is coming together…

Nantucket Left Border closeup

I do have my thoughts about inserting a single fabric inner border between the 9 patch border and the center star group… just to give the eye a place to rest… but I’m trusting the pattern and will reserve judgment until the end.

Nantucket Left Border 2

So – how do you like it so far?  I have the right border section on the design wall, just waiting to get pieced and attached.  I hope I can get this done in time to quilt it myself before Christmas.  Thinking my Dad deserves a quilted gift this year.  He’s done a lot for me and my family (always in joint with my mom, but you know…).

Nantucket Left Border 1

I think he would like this one.  🙂

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10 thoughts on “Dad’s Turn??

    • There are certainly a LOT of 9 patch units for sure in this quilt – but with the alternating plain squares – it is really easy to line up the blocks and match seams. I’m loving these colors though – puts me in the Christmas spirit!

  1. I had the same thought, about adding an inner border, but it would have to be a really wide border to get those blocks to fit in the outer pieced border. Did you want to add any little stars? I would be happy to send the directions if you’re interested.

    • Thelma – I would LOVE to get your measurements for the tiny star blocks. I will end up piecing a back for this quilt and it may look like a sampler when it is all said and done. I think some small stars would be a great addition. If you don’t mind sending them to me, you can reach me at Thanks!

  2. Yeah! I love the look of yours so far. I think it’s good without the inner border. Your nine patches are beautiful… I like the photo of them all stacked on the cutting table. Looks like we could be finishing around the same time!

    • OMG – you will need to see my next post. I am trying something different and I hope it plays out well. I’m almost done with my test border and then I can picture and post it. I look forward to hearing any responses on it. I am getting quite a bit better at my 9 patch construction and perfect seam allowance though!

    • I really didn’t think of it as masculine when I started, but now – it does seem perfect for a guy. As perfect as a quilt can get without being covered in fish, animal, gun or car prints.

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