Quick update on Clover

Grabbed a couple of quick pics this morning on my way out.  I am seeing a light.  Only about 20 more 4 patch units to make and place on the design wall, then I can finish the assembly.  I have my strips sewn, just need to slice, dice and resew to make the units.  Plenty of side triangles left to finish as well.  The colors in this picture came out kind of neon for some reason.  Looks much better in person.

Clover Bits


Here’s the updated design wall.  A few nights ago, I decided to get some momentum going and did some chain piecing of all the squares except 4 patch units.  The rows that have the end setting triangles are already sewn together.  The other rows are just stuck up there for now.  A few more holes, rearranging and it should be a fast finish after that!

Clover Wall Almost Done

I had already talked myself out of making the 5×5 setting, because it is just not as fun as I wanted it to be.  However, I have the matching pumpkin panel, so maybe just a single block with a pumpkin and two others to make this a 3×4 setting and with borders, it could be a good lap quilt.  I’ll have to check out that math later tonight.  Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!


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