Enter ‘Crazy’ week

I wish I had a lot of quilty topics and pictures to blog about today, but instead just a quick note that I may be AWOL for about a week at least.  Work is crazy this month and those kittens do need extra love at night, so I haven’t been sewing as much.  Luckily, my favorite ice cream is on sale right now and I picked up several varieties to enjoy with the family during this hot summer month.  If you don’t get Blue Bell ice cream where you are, I’m really sorry.  You can order it and have it shipped in dry ice ($129 for four half gallons anywhere in the US!).  During my time in the Carolinas, before Blue Bell got to that region, I did that once and it was sooooo good!

My favorite:  Cookies ‘n Cream

My husband’s favorite:  Chocolate Chip

My mother’s favorite:  Natural Vanilla Bean

My kid’s favorite:  Homemade Vanilla

If you go to their website and create a user account, you can view upcoming flavors and even download $1 off coupons every now and then (like I just did!).


Truly is the ‘best ice cream in the country’.


So – back to work.  Fun next week.

Hope you have more time at the machine than I will!


One thought on “Enter ‘Crazy’ week

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my Willow Weave Quilt. 🙂 No quilting designs in mind, will let my LAQ help me pick out the right pattern! That ice cream looks really good! Enjoy!!

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