Swooning Along

I think I can still pull this off.  I have until June 1st (ideally) to get this pieced and quilted.  My goal is to be done with the top and send it off to ‘someone’ by Saturday, May 25th.  I have seen several quilters advertising really fast turnaround times, and I don’t need custom quilting – so here’s hoping!

I have completed two more blocks and these bright, cheery colors are just enormous!  These blocks are soooo big!  Love it!

Really love this red check design in the pattern!



Ok , so I said “finished”, but this one is still in three separate rows.  Pratically done – right? 


Here is the new combination, selected by my lovely assistant Nora:


And a final, last picture of the two blocks together:


Four blocks done, only five more to go!

Good news for me… we decided to postpone the Mother-in-Law visit from Memorial Day weekend.  Now I will have all three days at home to play!  I know, it sounds like I don’t want to drive 3 hours with two small kids, sleep on an airbed and constantly worry that the dog will pee on our stuff.  But – when we do visit, it will be warm enough to swim as a family and there are a lot of nice kids parks.

Hope you have great expectations for a weekend and time to do what you love!


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