Why didn’t anyone tell me?

I am LOVING this Swoon pattern.  I should have made one a long time ago.  When other people comment on how big these blocks are, they aren’t kidding.  It’s very striking to complete a block and it takes up half of the design wall area.

I am making my first Swoon out of Happy Go Lucky prints by Bonnie & Camille.  Here’s my first block:


That gray/white check print gives it some real interest when you see it in person.

Here are the combinations I am planning for the other blocks (9 total for a King Size):


I had my daughter pick out the next combination to construct.  She was severely disappointed that there was no PINK to be found, but she did end up picking one.  I was able to complete the second block last night:


And, here’s a picture of both of them on my design wall.  Which can now, no longer fit anything else at the moment.

imageNo wonder this pattern has like thousands of pictures on Flickr.  It is just one of those that appeal for the sake of size, contrast, design, looks complex – but isn’t, etc…

I am giving myself the next two weeks to finish this quilt top so I can give it as a wedding gift to an extremely nice and deserving woman at work.  She is getting married for the first time, in her early 50s, and she is trying her best to keep it small.  We, at work, are trying our best to blow it up!  So, likely the next two weeks of posts will be consumed with this project.


Thanks for stopping by today!


8 thoughts on “Why didn’t anyone tell me?

  1. I know! I am on blocks 8 & 9… and they are so cute! That Happy Go Lucky group is really cute… perfect for Swoon!

    • I would have assumed you had already made one of these by now… I searched for options for setting them, but I’ll probably go with a plain sashing and maybe some flying geese in the border corners. I look forward to your finish!

    • Thanks Nicole! I have a feeling there will be another one in my future, for me! Maybe just four blocks for a couch quilt. I really am feeling addicted to them right now.

  2. PLEASE! What is the “Swoon” pattern? Where do I get it? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and your fabric combinations are wonderful … great job! Linda

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