Robin Redone and AYOS

I am having a competition for free time since last week.  My husband and I rented the movie “This is 40” (pretty funny – like the actors in it).  During the movie, the oldest daughter references the series “LOST”.  The first season was 10 years ago.  I never got into it for some reason, and I really didn’t watch more than a few episodes past the first season because … unless you really watch from the beginning … you would be …. lost.

So – I thought for some reason I would start to watch the series through Netflix (awesome service for this kind of thing).  Let’s just say that more than a few hours of what could have been quality quilting time has been spent on this new endeavor.  I am through 28 episodes now out of 120 – so there is an end in sight.  And I can watch during my lunch break at work, because Netflix is everywhere you want to be, as long as you have internet.

So … blah, blah, blah – here is what I have accomplished!  I did the redo of the center circle on my Robin’s Nest from last time.  It is soooo much better and almost every point on my stars is clear and sharp!  Yay!!  I decided to join the stars to the hexagon first, then piece in the connecting triangles.


Here’s the ‘block’ completed:


I can live with this!

Next step is to finish the 12 blue stars and they go around as well, with connecting triangles in a coordinating blue/cheddar fabric.  I have four of those done already, so I’m on a good start.  Linking up a couple of days late to Sinta’s BOM Rehab for this past Monday.

Even though my plate is pretty full, I really wanted to join in another sew-along type event that is hosted by Sinta (Pink Pincushion) and Sherri (A Quilting Life).  They have started the new season for AYOS (Another Year of Schnibbles).  This is where we make a quilt from one of the patterns designed by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosies Quilt Company.  This month, the pattern is called Hat Trick and requires less than two charm packs and a wee bit of yardage for the inner border, binding and about a yard for the back.  I ordered my PDF pattern last night from Carrie’s website and as soon as the fabric comes in, I’ll knock this one out!


Hat Trick

And I believe my choice of fabric will be from this new collection by 3 Sisters… Lario!



It looks a lot like Oasis that came out a year or two ago, but I have a layer cake on it’s way and I think it will make a splendid Hat Trick quilt!

For more information on participating in the AYOS each month this year, please visit the blogs of Sinta and Sherri.  Great blogs, lots of eye candy, and tons of inspiration!

Finally – I’ll close with a few pictures from our Easter holiday.  The egg hunt of 2013!

image image image

Happy first week of April!


4 thoughts on “Robin Redone and AYOS

  1. I am so glad that you will be joining in AYOS! It is going to be so fun this year! I felt the same way about lost and got frustrated with it… recently there was another program that you had to follow along closely with and now I’m lost on that one too. I think it was called Trace with Keifer Sutherland?

  2. I’ve seen the Schibbles patterns on the internet but haven’t tried one yet. I like the Hat Trick and will check out the link plus the AYOS.
    Lost is certainly addictive. 😉
    Your kids are so, so precious!

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