Happy Ever After Princess Pillow Pocket by Riley Blake

Ok … Just for those of you who might decide to buy this adorable panel, even though you can’t really read the instructions clearly enough on the online picture or get a picture of the completed project to go along with the instructions…

Let me just share with you.  The first step says “Cut pillow pocket and pillow base 1/4″ beyond design.”

Let’s stop right there.  Look at those pictures.  What do you call a ‘design’?  Well, for me, challenged in the art of doll making and general sewing, I took that to be the bed and armoire pictures.  So, … I cut around the bed first, leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance. 


The ‘design’ includes the cute little pink pinstripe area as well.  You are making an actual rectangular pillow with this project.  I thought we would be making little furniture shaped pockets.  NO NO NO NO NO  Once you have screwed it up this far, the rest of the instructions really don’t make sense and you start yelling at the kids to leave you alone for a few !@#$!@#%$ minutes while you try to figure it out, and to stop asking me every 30 seconds when I’m going to be done with it.  Then you start looking for a YouTube video or something that might be a tutorial on this nightmare.

I found a singel picture in internet land that showed the completed project:

They should include this picture with the panel, or give you a website link on the panel to let you get further instructions or a tutorial or something.

So… I will make do with what I have done and adjust.  I can make it work out and my 4 year old daughter insists that I finish it the way I started.  So, it’s all ok for me.  BUT JUST IN CASE YOU BOUGHT THIS PANEL … be forewarned.  Or just accept the fact that I’m not that bright.  Either way.

Since I don’t know how to properly give credit for the picture above, I’ll just share the link to the site that has it:


You’re welcome!


7 thoughts on “Happy Ever After Princess Pillow Pocket by Riley Blake

  1. Ha! This post made me laugh out loud – not because you messed up the pillow (oops!, I would have done the same thing!), but because of your reaction after you screwed it up (oops!, I would have done the same thing). I happened upon this post because I was looking up examples of how this pillow works. Thank you for sharing how it isn’t supposed to work!

    • Thanks for your comment Stephanie. It is pretty interesting that this post shows up in my metrics as being in the top hits for viewing each week. Must be a lot of us out there who got confused by the instructions, or just wanted more information. My daughter loved my mistake anyway, so I’m happy.

  2. Thanks for posting this! Just bought the panel and you have helped immensely! I would have certainly made the same mistake.

  3. I bought this on E-bay. Was looking at it today and COULD-NOT make sense of the instructions. Almost, repeat…almost, started cutting on it but decided to see if I could find something about it on the web. Came across your instructions and I just have to give you a huge THANK YOU! I would have had it all messed up without them. Now I can make it for my granddaughter for her third birthday. Again, THANK YOU!

    • Oh – I’m so glad you found the post! I know, right? It was a bit confusing. My daughter still plays with the princess and her dresses. I backed them in flannel so they kind of stick to each other. I still think I want to make it again, but that ship has sailed I guess. Thanks for leaving a comment and Happy Birthday to your granddaughter!

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