Getting closer!

Sneak peak to my reveal later this week….

avalon wip

And a little closer….

Avalon WIP closeup

Deciding on how to spruce up the borders.  Chat soon!


2 thoughts on “Getting closer!

  1. Perfect pattern for this fabric!! I love the Jelly Roll Quilts book and this is one of just a few I haven’t made from the book 🙂 I can’t wait for Avalon fabric to appear; Fig Tree is one of my favorites.

    • Thanks Gretchen! I enjoyed browsing your blog yesterday. Cats are adorable! We haven’t had cats in our home for over four years… but I think we will be adopting two before the year is over as a birthday gift to myself my daughter. I pride myself on being a Fig Tree groupie, but I find it very hard to cut into my sacred stash. Irony.

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