It’s not one thing … it’s another!

Short post today.

Good news for quilting – I got my first block sewn together yesterday for Blogger Girls BOM.  Here is it on my design wall.  Ignore the background fabric beside it – goes to something else…  Picture is blurry, sorry.  Points came out great.  First time using the Fit to Be Geese ruler by Open Gate Quilts.  It worked just as promised and there’s less waste to this method than my rectangle with two squares method.  Perfect points and seam allowances.  However, it looks like I will be cutting off some of the points when I add it into sashing – when I trimmed it down to 12 1/2 inches, it took away more allowance than I would have wanted.   Don’t look too closely I guess.

BG Block 1 Done

I’m trying to close out December and the year today and tomorrow at work, so late nights.  However – after joining hundreds of other germ factories at the local Children’s Museum this weekend – my daughter caught a bug and ran a fever with sore throat last night.  She’s still asleep this morning (at 10:30 am).  Husband just sent a text message that son is also having odd symptoms.  SO… if it isn’t one thing, it will always be another.  Got to go and try to speed through my work, so I can go do some good cuddle time with the babies.


One thought on “It’s not one thing … it’s another!

  1. It’s a beautiful block. I love your colors and the feel of the block. It’s hard to avoid getting sick when you are surrounded by other little people. I feel so bad when kids catch things… they are so vulnerable.

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