Quilted shawl and first wrapped gift of the season!

Probably the worst sleep of my life last night.  Very restless and finally gave up around 3:15 am and decided to sit in my sewing room and think about a gift for my grandmother.  I have settled on making her a quilted shawl, inspired by a pattern for one in McCall’s Quilting magazine from March/April 2011.  The exception is that I am going to use three Swoon blocks instead of the patchwork blocks that were laid out in the pattern from the magazine. 

Swoon Pattern

So, really, all I’m taking from the mag is the idea of a quilted shawl.  I have a bundle of Marmalade flannel that I’m going to use, but I’ve never sewn or quilted with flannel before.  And, I will need to combine it with regular cotton fabric in the overall project.  I hope there are no surprises, as I need this project to go really quick.

Marmalade Flannel FQs

Now, just trying to decide on the fabric combinations for each Swoon block…

My grandmother is still in the hospital.  She had her second procedure done this morning to put in another stent.  If all looks good overnight, she may get to go home tomorrow.  The side benefit of this is that I get the company of my aunt and mother tonight again.  The kids love company!  Pajama party!

So, my first wrapped gift is for my aunt.  She will probably be heading back to Dallas later this week, and I may not get to see her again before Christmas.  I have a special connection to her for many reasons, one of which is a shared loved of quilting.  Other than my grandmother, she is the only one who does this in my family.  Another is that she reminds me so much of my mother, but a very mellow version of her.  I had decided upon her gift awhile back when I was browsing the Etsy site for Pinks and Needles.  I don’t want to say much more, just in case she decides to look up my blog.  I’m recycling some Moda twill tape from the newly opened Marmalade FQ bundle to tie around her package.  I may even try to do a hand-made tag as inspired by nanaCompany and Pretty by Hand bloggers, Amy and Kristyne.  They are making some adorable tags for gifts!  Look them up!

First Wrapped Gift 2012

Hope your week is going well!  Thanks for stopping by!


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