Let the holiday season begin!

I don’t know about everyone else, but since I have started working in offices, the period of time just after Halloween and until the first week of January is officially unproductive.  And if you have to be productive, then it is really a pain.  Plus you have to try and avoid all the treats that start flowing in from kitchens and bake shops so you don’t gain 10 pounds by the end of the year.  Unfortunately, I tend to contribute to this problem and will probably be making my pumpkin crunch cake soon.  The recipe includes 2 sticks of butter and a yellow cake mix, along with canned pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, at least a cup of chopped pecans and a few other ingredients.  It is soooo good and soooo bad for you!

This past week I did get done with my SECOND block of the Away From Home BOM that I got from Suzanne’s Quilt Shop.  This was a much faster turnaround time than the first block!  I’m linking up to Sinta’s blog … Pink Pincushion BOM Rehab:

AFH Block 2

I finally decided on an area in my sewing/guest room for a design wall and got some inexpensive felt from the store.  It does ok, but I put a few pins in the blocks to keep them in place, just in case little hands touch.

AFH Block 1 & 2

So, I should get Block 3 this week, which will be two tall oak trees that stand on either side of these two blocks.  Then I can move into some pieced blocks instead, which will be nice.
I’ll leave you with the remnants of our pumpkins from Halloween.  They are moving into the trash bins today.  I’m amazed at how quickly the mold and mildew get started on them after they are carved.  Much spookier this way though!  The first one is Nora’s pumpkin which she wanted a princess face and long hair.  I left it up to Daddy to make that happen with his power drill.  She was happy with it (she’s 4).

Nora’s pumpkin (our best effort at a Princess Pumpkin)

Oliver’s Pumpkin – traditional cut

Yay for November!  Cold weather, you can come back now!!

All the best,


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