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Summer 2014 Coming to a Close

Hello kind friends and readers.  Thank you for the patience and for checking in periodically to see if I would show up again.  I’m still here.  Time just decided to go into overdrive this past month.  It has been just over a month since my last post, but not a lot of things accomplished in the quilting realm.

Work is busy.  The kids went to summer camp every day and got to swim every day, which they loved.  But that is over now.  We just came back from a vacation getaway to Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX.  It wasn’t a far drive from home, and in fact – my husband made an early morning trip back half-way through to get some cheaper snacks for the hotel room and a few forgotten items.  Most of the time was spent in the water.  I’m very tired of being wet and bound in a swimsuit.  I bought my first swimsuit in 8 years for this vacation and I couldn’t believe how much those things cost.  Especially ones that offer the … ahem… full coverage that I was looking for.

On a very sad note, I don’t think I mentioned that all 5 of our kittens tested positive for Feline Leukemia (FeLV).  This is like contagious cancer for cats.  It doesn’t spread to humans or other animals, like dogs.  I had to go through the sorrow of losing 3 kittens in one day, then another kitten three days later.  They are just over 5 months old and they fall so fast.  All four that have passed had respiratory distress due to fluid building up in their bodies and starting to choke out their lung capacity.  We have one kitten left – Olaf.  When I took her in with the other sister, I had noted the night before that she had some cloudiness in her eye.  The vet said it could be a tumor starting or just an eye infection.  I have since taken her to the kitty ophthalmologist and they prescribed some steroid drops for two weeks to see how she reacts.  They don’t think it is a tumor (relief).  Her eyes are looking better already, but she will always have this underlying condition that I can’t control and at this point and I am so sad to know that at any time she may not make it past another few days.  FeLV opens the door for infections or cancers to just come right in and take her down.  We are doing what we can within our means to give her a comfortable and happy life and right now she is good.

So, I had been busy and depressed and not in much of a mood to sit and sew.  Because that is usually a happy time for me.  I don’t normally do ‘sad sewing’ or ‘angry sewing’, if you know what I mean.

There were a few days here and there that I found myself doing some piece work.

Here is my design wall today.  I completed my two twin blocks for 2013 DM BOM – block #10.  Next to it is the first block of the 2014 DM BOM series

Design Wall 08-10-2014



Here is my cutting table at the moment:

Cutting Table 08-10-2014

I am working on Block #11.  The folded stack of fat quarters is for another quilt that I haven’t started yet.  And the clear envelope on the right side of the picture holds the first shipment from Fig Tree Quilts of the MODA Modern Building Blocks BOM program!

Here is a close-up of Block #11 that may be finished tonight:

Block 11 WIP

Here are the pattern covers for Block #12 (the last block) and Block #2 of the new series that will be done next.  I will be caught up after these are done.

Blocks Pending

I’m super excited about Fig Tree’s version of the MODA Modern Building Blocks quilt.  It was offered through their website a couple of months ago, but it sold out quickly.  Fat Quarter Shop is also offering this as a kit in September 2014.  Here is a link to their site for that kit (click here).

FT Modern Block Ship 1

A lot of the blocks will be made in the MODA Bella solids (like the original), but Joanna is also going to mix in some of her small prints and tone-on-tone fabrics from her newest collection called Somerset

FT MODA Modern Blocks

In the first shipment, we received three cuts of Bella Solids.  This fabric will be used to make five of the blocks in the pattern.  One large block (36″) and four 6″ blocks.  Their program is a total of 7 shipments.

FT Modern Ship 1 Contents


Finally, I leave you with a super silly picture from our vacation to Moody Gardens.  I love these kids!


Kids Silly Moody Lobby

Again, thanks for stopping by for a visit.  I appreciate all of your emails and comments and hope to see you again very soon!



End of an Era

Every other month, there is a “large trash” pickup day in our neighborhood.  We try to purge what we can.  This month, we decided it was time to get rid of the car seats.


***sniff  sniff***

The kids are now too tall to really be comfortable in these seats anymore, and although from a distance, they look pretty good … you don’t see the food stains, crumbs, dirt and dried icecream in the buckles.  Car seats are also one of those items that they say you shouldn’t get used, or donate.  Hence, they are ready for the trash pickup.

Car Seats

I am so sentimental about these kind of things.  I would keep them in the garage forever if my husband would let me.


When I was driving the kids across the street this morning, with just the regular seat belts on, my daughter exclaimed “I feel like a Queen!” and my son said “I feel like the President!”.  They are enjoying the increased leg room I think.


Bring on the booster seats!


Happy Thursday,


Nantucket is Home! Picture heavy post ahead…

I sit here to think of how to explain why I can’t post more often and I struggle with trying to sound gracious and humble.  But it’s hard.


My kids are absolutely a terror when it comes to picking up after themselves, causing more of a mess while I’m cleaning up the last mess and they do NOT like to get up out of bed in the morning.  One child begs me to let her stay up later and read more and the other runs screaming through the house when he has to do 2 pages of homework (that would take him all of 3 minutes if he would just down and do it).


I spent about an hour and a half last night doing the summer school homework with my son.  Two little pages.  90 minutes.  Several calm and thoughtful discussions in between about how we are going to be a team this month to get it done and a little bribery slipped into the mix.  I soooo wanted to take my left hand and complete the homework for him, but I drew the line.  Just a few more weeks and they are all play, all the time.  Until then, we have a little extra work to get through to prepare for 2nd grade.

The days fly by.  The nights are even shorter.  And we have eaten at McDonalds waaaayyyyy too much for my comfort.   !@#$!@#$

So, anyway, the conflict I feel is to record in my memoirs this moment in time and to also be aware that others are reading this and I want you to know, gentle reader, that I am very blessed to have my family and I wouldn’t want any other family in this world.  I love my children.  I spoil them rotten I’m sure and my husband pulls more than his weight around the house.  But we both work full time and that leaves precious little at night to feed everyone, bathe everyone, do homework and wind down enough to slip into an unconscious state.

Now – for quilting pictures!!

I would like to formally state that my official quilter is Linh at Lima Sews.  She is fantastic and I was overly thrilled when I got my Nantucket back from her this past weekend.  I gave a couple of design thoughts and asked her to ‘do her thing’.

Nantucket Quilted


I’ll just pop these pictures in, back – to – back for your viewing enjoyment.  I’m so glad that my backing allows the quilting to show off well.

Love the cross-hatching in the inner border…

Nantucket 11 Nantucket 10


See what I mean about the backing?  This is my favorite picture of the group.  You see all the designs in one place.

Nantucket 9 Nantucket 8

My only initial design request was circle feathers in the big stars.  They turned out just like I wanted!

Nantucket 7 Nantucket 6 Nantucket 5

I tooks these pictures minutes after I pulled the quilt from the box.  Should have ironed it out a bit first 🙂

Nantucket 4 Nantucket 3 Nantucket 2

Thank you Linh for a great quilt job!  It is going to be so very hard to give this away – but at least it stays in the family.  The binding needs to go on before Father’s Day, so I should be able to swing that at least.

If you want Linh to quilt for you – you can visit her blog and website.

She blogs under “Elvy Crafts”:   http://elvycrafts.blogspot.com

Her longarm services can be linked from that site, or you can go here under her company website for LiMa Sews:  http://www.limasews.com/services

Go to the bottom of her LiMa Sews site and you will see the SWOON quilt I did last year for a wedding gift in Happy Go Lucky fabrics.


Thanks for visiting my site today.  I hope to get back into a routine that will include more posts.  I am so very close to finishing my Great Granny Squared quilt.  Just the plain outer borders left to sew and then a pieced backing.


Until next time!!


A Post for March 30th

I can’t think of a witty title for today.  It is now Sunday evening, and I’m about to prepare dinner.  I have done a little sewing, specifically on my Great Granny Squared quilt.  The friend whom I intend to be the recipient of this house warming quilt just closed on her home a couple of days ago.  I hope to get this one done in the next month to be timely in the delivery to her.

9 Blocks done!  Laid out on the driveway.  You can see Nora’s little foot in the picture – she was helping when the wind started to blow:

GGS 9 Blocks

I never did find my Birds & Berries fabric – but I KNOW I have it.  I couldn’t wait though and found a layer cake on Etsy and got it Saturday in the mail.  Here’s a close-up of the first block using some of those vibrant colors (especially love the purple!):

GGS Birds Berries Block

I have 11 blocks left to make.  And even though I didn’t find my Birds & Berries fabric, I did come back across a box that had 4 charm packs of Wee Play by Sandy Klop (American Jane).  I really, really want to make something with her collections.  I also have some precuts of Potluck that is more recent.  I had purchased 4 yards of the Moda Weave Black to possibly go along with it (inspired by a quilt done by Ms Cupcakes ‘n Daisies.  She named it  “I’ll Take Mine Black“).

Wee Play Packs

I have also decided on a quilt to make for my upcoming grand-daughter.  Well, step grand-daughter.  I really struggle to think of myself as a grandmother yet since I have a 5 and 7 year old at home.  Denial, denial, denial.  I’m in my early 40s, so it isn’t impossible .. but… denial, denial, denial.

Sunbeams Quilt Kit offered by Fat Quarter Shop… fabrics in Mirabelle collection by Fig Tree Quilts.

Sunbeams Quilt Kit

The backing fabric is shown closer up here:

Sunbeams Backing

The mommy-to-be said she was doing her room in yellow, so this felt really perfect.  I hope it goes together fast though – she’s due in June!

I hope you had a great weekend and was able to enjoy some sunshine today.  We are feeling the spring weather finally coming around.

Next time – the next block in Reach for the Stars!!

All my best,



Busy, busy, busy…

I wish I could say that I had been sewing in secret and that I had three finished quilts to show off…, but that just isn’t the case.  Not much time devoted to my hobby at the moment.  Last week, I did get done with the 9th block in the 2013 Designer Mystery BOM by Fat Quarter Shop.  It is the last house block in the row quilt.  The last three blocks are a mystery to me.  We have had three basket blocks, three star blocks and three house blocks.

I was only having to look for one piece of fabric to make my two blocks from one package this time.  The facing of the house between the door panel and the roof line called for a 6″ square of fabric, and I only had a piece big enough for one.  No worries though, last month’s package had a perfect piece that I used.

Here’s version 1 of the block:

2013 DMBOM Block 9 v2

And here’s Version 2:

2013 DMBOM Block 9 v1

And here they are together on my driveway!

2013 DMBOM Block 9

The more I look at my six house blocks, the more I know I will embellish with some creative embroidery when I’m done.  Little doorknobs, and maybe some flowers in the window boxes.

Jennifer Thacker from Houston has also been getting some sewing done.  She has completed Block 2 of the Reach for the Stars pattern.  Her block is perfect!  Love the paislely center in its frame… take a look:

JT RFTS Block 2

The next edition of Quilters Newsletter will be in my mailbox soon – I got the digital edition email yesterday.  Three more ready to go!

Finally, I celebrated a birthday yesterday.  I had a great day, surrounded by wonderful friends at work and family at home.  One of the ladies at work made me a beautiful pink fondant covered cake, with hand crafted roses.  The kids had fun lighting and relighting the candles last night.

I am truly blessed.

Lighting the Cake

Thanks for stopping by today!


Love for Nora Quilt

Anything pink, dark pink, violet-red pink, light pink, etc… has already received claim by my daughter.  She’s probably like most little girls, although I don’t particularly remember having such a taste for the color myself.

I decided to jump in and make this quilt about 10 days ago.  I had the Kissing Booth fat 8th bundle for over a year and really wanted to put it together fast.  I combined some ideas from the Temecula Quilt Co blog site that gave instructions for their wall hanging on Jan 29th, and the Layer Cake Lemonade pattern from Fat Quarter Shop.  Instead of a layer cake, I made 9″ squares from my fat 8th bundle.

Started with One Heart:

One Heart Done

Then Three Hearts…

Three Hearts

Then a Row of Hearts…

Row of Hearts

And finally – a finished quilt top!  I called it “I Heart Nora”

I Heart Nora Quilt

I plan to FMQ it myself, and at the same time, do some quick and easy heart applique shapes in a couple of corners.  I also have in my stash, a pink minky type fabric for the backing that I bought and never used that will be great.  Just trying to decide on a binding.

Sorry I have been away, if you are a follower!  My husband upgraded my blog to it’s own domain site and then it took a little while to reorganize the content.  I think we are very close now!  You can bookmark www.seamscrazyquilts.com if you would like!  Please follow along if you enjoy seeing quilts, cats, and an occassional family post.

Work is hell right now, so as soon as this week is over – I will be able to get back to my projects.  Really looking forward to the next block in Reach for the Stars, and maybe another one in my General’s Wives BOM.

See you soon!!  Thanks for visiting!!


2013 Wrap Up!

Last day of 2013!  It was a big year for my family, on different levels.  My children started 1st grade and Kindergarten, which are two big milestones.  We bought our house, which we had been living as renters for over 3 years (thank goodness we don’t have to move!).  My grandmother moved from my hometown to live with my aunt in Dallas, but she is doing well.  We became pet owners again (from zero to 5 cats is extreme – anyone need to adopt a cat??).  We all got another year older, but no health concerns.

Our Christmas rotation is now complete, with a visit this past weekend to Dallas to continue our family tradition with my grandmother and extended family.  Every first cousin, Aunt and Uncle were present.  We were only missing two second cousins, and the step cousins.  Actually, it was a pretty successful turnout for shifting the location after 42 years from four hours away.

I asked for quilty things from my family and they took my wish list to the store for me.  Couple of great books, a magnetic pin cushion, 3 yards of Kona White solid fabric (plan to work on the Lori Holt quilt along) and a FQS gift certificate!:

Quilty  Christmas

I also tried to put together a last minute gift, but didn’t make it.  I did finish the table topper and pieced backing, but I ran out of time for the quilting part.  This is a pattern called “Winter Seeds” and it was on my bucket list all year.

Winter Seeds Top

I used the fabric collection “Winter’s Lane” by Kate & Birdie Co for Moda.  Beautiful ice blues, grays and saturated reds.  The pattern was from The Crafty Quilter and her blog … click here to go to her post.

Here are some more pictures.  I machine appliqued the ‘orange peel’ shapes with a tight top stitching and matching thread.

Winter Seeds Center

I pieced the back, but had to ‘make do’ with one small rectangle due to my shortage of that fabric.  I should have used a primarily white alternate piece.  I may replace it before I quilt it:

Winter Seeds Backing

And here’s the top and bottom in one picture:

Winter Seeds Table Topper

There will be some waste of the backing, but if you look at the Crafty Quilter’s blog pictures, you will see how it all comes out.  It’s perfect!

Now that Nantucket was completed, I am moving on to my other BOM projects.  I am three months behind on the FQS DM BOM 2013 quilt.  I started on Block 4 yesterday and have gotten the pieces cut out.  Like the other months, I am cutting out two blocks from the one set of fabric.  I was able to get everything I needed, but I had to add the smallest amount of background fabric, which I had from an earlier month.

FQS BOM Block 4 pieces

This morning I finished the center star portions with the surrounding strips.  Next is the red/striped flying geese units.  I want to get this block done tonight!

I’m so thankful for my family and friends and I look forward to all our new adventures in 2014.  I hope you have a great evening tonight and I look forward to visiting with you again next year!

All the best,